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Rachael Kelly - founder of Sonuachar

I am a bright, enthusiastic, committed individual with 25 years’ experience in the private client industry with a wealth of knowledge which has been gained from dealing with a versatile range of clients.

I have a reputation for providing excellent advice and first class service to my business and personal clients alike.

I add value beyond just preparing accounts and tax returns by offering strategic advice. I work hard to get to know you in order to deliver tailored advice on how to improve your business and personal wealth.


I am not your typical advisor; I am friendly, reliable, approachable, trustworthy and proactive.


I am as enthusiastic and passionate about your business as you are. I always aim to exceed expectations and go that extra mile.  

I pride myself on the longstanding business relationships I develop with my clients. I firmly believe that if you are passionate about what you do, and enjoy what you do, then that passion will translate into a better service to your clients. I love my job and work hard for each one of my clients - I'm constantly thinking of ways to help them and I take the time to fully address their queries.

I am efficient, organised and present my work well. I have strong client skills which are demonstrated by the opportunities I bring to any business. I have the ability to win new work and think holistically about the client’s needs and the services offered.


I have a positive approach to all concepts of business and equally I am confident within all aspects of my work. 


I am an excellent communicator at all levels with consistent clarity of interpreting what clients need and this has been built from the foundations of working with an extensive variety of clients thus giving myself a vast wealth of knowledge. 


I also have a sense of humour, am fun and energetic and not afraid of getting my hands dirty! I have shown over the years that I thrive on “knowing” my client which makes my clients feel that they are more than just a tax return fee! This has enabled me to take up a position of being my client's trusted advisor.


The word Sonuachar (pronounced <son-oooh-ka>) is a gaelic word traditionally meaning spiritual advisor which resonated with me as I am from Irish descendants and although I am not a spiritual advisor in the true sense, I like to believe that I help my clients to achieve success in their aims and to be in their best self.   

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